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Washing Machine Repair Service in Chennai

Washing Machine Repair – Common Problems Associated With your Washing Machine

Although washing machines come in a wide range of designs, they all share some frequently and less frequently occurring issues. We’ve attempted to address some of the issues listed below; let’s take a closer look at each issue one at a time that can be solved by washing machine repair in Chennai.

1. The washing machine won’t turn on

A washing machine not starting can be caused by a variety of issues. Therefore, start by checking the main power switch for loose connections, faulty outlets, whether the fuse is in good shape,Washing Machine Repair Servicing in Chennai etc. If this doesn’t work, make sure your front-loading washing machine’s door lock is in good working order.

Sometimes the washing machine’s control module (PCB) or main power switch stops functioning. Call a washing machine repair in Chennai expert to look at the washing machine if you don’t have prior experience working with live wires and high voltages.

2. Noisy washing machine

Coins and other debris are frequently retrieved from around the heater between the drum and can cause damage to the machine and any clothing inside. These objects can also cause noise if they become wedged between the outer tub and the drum. Before placing the clothes in the washing machine, make sure you empty all of the pockets.

The washing machine’s bearings begin to deteriorate and malfunction over time, making a loud noise as it rotates. Operating a washer with a damaged bearing can be fatally damaging. Grease (or oil) lubrication, bearing replacement, or both are options for resolving this. You can call washing machine repair in Chennai too.

3. Excessive vibrations while in use

The most frequent cause of this is an unbalanced tub or washing machine as a whole. Make sure the washing machine is positioned on a surface that is entirely horizontal. If not, purchase a stand or trolley with underneath-adjustable screws. Sometimes the suspension system’s wear and tear cause the tub to become unbalanced. To stop the suspension mechanism from degrading, watch out for overloading the machine with clothes or call washing machine repair in Chennai.

4. When draining or not draining at all, the washing machine makes a noise.

The drain pump is malfunctioning or clogged in this instance. The buildup of dirt and fibers from clothing can cause a pump blockage. The issue can be resolved by simply cleaning the pump and the hose that connects to it. It is advised to hire a washing machine repair in Chennai specialist for this job because it will necessitate taking apart the pump assembly.

5. Either overfilling or underfilling a washing machine.

Most likely, the pressure switch is not working as it should. This can be due to a number of issues, including a malfunctioning switch, a hole in the pressure pipe, a break in the switch, or the pressure chamber being blocked. 

A close examination of the hose should reveal whether it is in working order or not, whereas the chamber needs to be removed and thoroughly cleaned to clear it. To test the switch, blow into it and listen for one or more clicks; if you hear them, everything is fine. Make sure the filter mesh is clean if you’ve installed a filter in the water intake pipe.

6. No spinning in the washing machine.

Both the drainage system and the spinning mechanism are interconnected. Therefore, the machine won’t spin if the drainage system isn’t functioning. The hose from the drum to the pump or the

Washing Machine Repairing in Chennai

pump filter could both be blocked. If there are no brushes on the motor, the motor capacitor may have failed; otherwise, the carbon brushes on the motor may be worn out. Additionally, the belt that connects the motor to the drum could have snapped or come loose.

7. Water seeping from the soap cabinet

There are numerous potential causes for this issue. Too much suds, too much filling, too much detergent buildup, a surge in power supply, and too much water pressure are all contributing factors (surge can cause the motor to spin out of control). Although fixing this issue is fairly simple and only takes a few minutes, a washing machine repair in Chennai technician’s expertise is needed.

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