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A payment may differ from one center to another. In our service center before going through an entire process we will provide estimates and quotations on whole expenses. So you can make your budget according to the expenses. Most of the time our services are cost-effective, which also benefits our customer.

Our technicians will carry all the spare parts they need for repairing; also they carry essential equipment for their safety too. Mostly our technicians are well experienced, so the product they offer will be high quality

Maintenance is the key to keep your washing machine in safe and good condition. By proper maintenance you can avoid breakdowns and water damages. So, experts advise people to run a service wash, for washing machine service at least once a month.

About Washing Machine Services in Chennai

Washing machines became an essential part of everyone’s life by being a great time saver, especially for the working people. They reduce the work you need to do physically in hand washing, like scrubbing to remove the stains. So, people consider it as an energy-efficient product. If such an application gets a problem you need a professional to help you, and we, the best washing machine service in Chennai, are here to offer you a helping hand. But before that you need to understand the common problems your washer might face, so that you can understand the condition of your application. Some common issues are listed here below:

Some Common Problem in Washing Machine

Washing machine makes noise: There are times when your washing machine starts to make strange noises while operating. It normally happens bouncing off the coin or other debris. Apart from it, faults in internal components such as motors can also cause this problem.

Solution: You can remove the faulty material and replace them. But if you don’t know how to do that, you can call the technicians from washing machine service in Chennai, to make a repair progress in your appliance.

Drainage Problems: When your washing machine didn’t drain properly, it signifies your machine may have a blockage in its draining system. It can affect the function of your washing machine.

Solution: Search for where its facing blockages, after finding them unblock it. It’s a common problem, not something very dangerous. So, you can prevent them from happening by giving a proper clean and maintenance to your washing machine.

Washing Machine is not spinning: A simple and common reason for this issue is overload of clothes. Other than that, it can also happen due to faulty integral components. For example control boards or motors.

Solutions: You can find the reason for the fault in them and fix it or else you can replace them. But it requires equipment only technicians can use. So, aim to call for a professional who can do washing machine repair in Chennai to provide a solution for your problem.

Washing Machine is not filling the Water: It may sound something so simple, but still make sure your machine is plugged correctly. After that check the water hoses, there is a high possibility of them getting blocked.

Solutions: You can simply solve them by fixing the blockage in the hose. After fixing it, you can clearly see the water run through them freely.

Door doesn’t open in the machine: Most common reason for this to happen is the washer filled with water. You can try to oust them from the machine and the door automatically opens. Other than that, issues in the control board or faulty door switch can also cause this problem.

Solutions: When the problem is caused by technical issues, you need a professional washing machine service in Chennai who can check these internal elements. There is a chance they use tools to check them and decide to repair or replace them according to their current condition.

The above problems are some of the common problems your washing machine might face. If your washer did face such a problem you need to repair them. But none of us want to give it to someone who is not sure about what they are doing, we need an expert. If you are in search of such persons contact us.

Why Book Our Washing Machine Service

Our professionals provide the best washing machine service in Chennai for all types of washers like top load and front load machines. They also have high technical skills which make them industry experts, who even know the precise things about the work they are providing. Our technicians also have the capacity to provide you with all the requirements you want. Apart from repair they also provide you maintenance service too. So, you can trust us to handle your application.

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Their service, communication and punctuality is extraordinary. I would recommend their washing machine service in chennai to all who need a service in it.


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My machine has started to make a sound recently, so I contacted the washing machine service in chennai. They delivered an instant solution.


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Technicians were polite and skilled, and they assisted me properly throughout the process.


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