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Our Policy

Our Vision:

” Offering the Right Service at the Right Time with the Right Price to the Right Target Market”.

Our Mission:

To connect

  1. To design, develop, maintain, operate, own, host, provide, create, facilitate, supply, sale otherwise deal in Web based & Web enabled services & applications, E-commerce & E-business solutions and train or develop professionals in relation to the services performed by unorganized sectors and
  2. To carry on in India and elsewhere, the business of creating technology and developing software for the purpose of facilitating online sale and purchase of all kinds of goods and

Utilities Integrated stands for:


Doing the right thing in upholding the values by behaving in an ethical manner, Performing all duties in a professional mode, Showing high Competence, Honesty, Honour, Respect, Dependability and Trustworthiness.


Focusing on Function, Success, Time Duration and Environment. Backup to support and re-instate the functionalities back in action at the earliest, if any system fails.


By establishing performance expectations & goals, UI analyse & identify opportunities, set proper feedback checks, evaluate & provide right coaching to re-organize better standards for Performance Accountability.


Working to the extent of achieving our proposed Vision & Mission for the betterment of the Organisation and to all attached, directly and indirectly.

Customer Centric

Working towards achieving the major areas of Cost, Time and Quality in order to provide a positive experience and build a long term relationship.


Holding onto the right target market, evaluating the probable concerns that may arise in future & address anticipated issues to move accordingly as the situation demands.

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