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7 ways to choose the perfect colour for your home


We live in a world where we can get thousands of colours in thousand rupees paint bucket. So it is important that you choose the perfect colour that makes time and investment worth the wait. Here are 7 ways by which u can choose the  perfect colour for your house.

1.Choose colours that match with your furnitureProfessional House Painting in Chennai

The first thing to keep in mind while choosing a paint colour for the room is to think how well the colour will go with the furniture that you  are going to place in the room. If you have bought the furniture before painting it is much easier for you to decide what colour to choose. (Not mandatory)

2.Choose colours that make your house cosier and vibrant

Choose colours that go with your vibe makes your place comfortable. For example if you are a calm and an introvert kind of a guy, blue, green is the perfect colour for you. If you are more of energetic and extrovert guy, bright reds and oranges are the perfect colour for you.

3.Single room multiple colours

In this method we take room and try imagining it various colour patterns. The advantages of this method are we got more colour options for the room. Have at least 4-5 colour options for a room and pick your favourite colour pattern from those.

4.Follow the three paint rule

In this rule three colours are taken for a room and the combinations of these colours experimented and choose the colour that you like. You can also try mixing these colours with one another to get the perfect colour you want for your home.

5.Celling must not be ignored

Celling must be treated as a fifth wall in a room. Ignoring it are some rookie mistakes one do while painting a house. It also adds a good touch to the room. The celling colour are mostly preferred to light colours as it gives out a calm vibe by looking at it.

6.Don’t ignore the colour the white

The colour white is generally portrayed as a bland colour most of the people don’t prefer it as it looks unfriendly. But adding to white colour to the correct place can make it look better than adding colours to it. White colour makes dark colour bright by mixing them with dark colours which can used to make your home beautiful.

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7.Colours used should go with the lighting of the room

It important that we choose colours that go with the lighting of the room. For example if you have painted brighter colours to a room make sure the lighting of that room is also bright enough to see the texture of the colour and enjoy the colour exhaustively.


These are some of the steps that you can follow to choose the best colour for your home. There are many other things taken into consideration while choosing a colour but these are some of the basic things one must know before choosing a colour, hope you find it useful.

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