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What Features Do I Need in a Water Purifier to Ensure My Water Is Safe and Healthy?

Do you worry about the quality of the drinking water you got at home? Get yourself a water filtration system to put your doubts to rest once and for all the studies showing that drinking water may contain various chemicals, heavy metals, and pathogens have you concerned.Professional Water Purifier Services in Chennai

Once you’ve decided to entrust a water filter from a water purifier service in Chennai with the care of your good health, you have several choices. The prospect of purchasing a filtering system from a water purifier service in Chennai can be confusing because there are so many different models of water filters available on the market from different brands that use various filtering technologies.

You can get a general idea of what to look for in your water filter by considering the following factors.

1.Contamination removal

Installing a water filtration system from a water purifier service in Chennai is primarily done to remove contaminants from tap water and obtain safe water. Several impurities in the water that enters your home could harm your health.

Your body can become infected with biological impurities like bacteria, cysts, and other small parasites through contaminated water. Furthermore, as evidenced by numerous studies, household water may contain hazardous chemical pollutants linked to conditions like high cholesterol, obesity, hormone suppression, etc. Additionally, tap water may contain heavy metals that cause cancer, such as lead and arsenic.

Thus, to choose a filter from a water purifier service in Chennai, decide which filter is best for you after having your water thoroughly tested in a licensed lab to identify any potential contaminants. The majority of filters remove about 40 contaminants, while some can filter up to 60 and others only about 25. Get a filter that gets rid of the contaminants if your water contains more of them.

However, reverse osmosis or UV filter systems are required to remove nitrates, sulfates, arsenic, and heavy metals from water. Activated carbon filters can remove organic compounds, chlorine, THMs, and the majority of parasites from water.

2.Water quality

A filter from the water purifier service in Chennai should enhance the overall quality of the water as well as remove contaminants. This involves getting rid of foul taste and pungent smell and retaining proper pH balance while maintaining the natural minerals that are healthy for you.

Filters utilizing reverse osmosis may seem to be the ideal answer in your quest for finding clean and safe water but it is not always the case. While it removes several undesirable impurities, it also removes beneficial minerals.

3.Rate of Filtration 

It’s very likely that when looking for a filter, the majority of people won’t give the maximum daily filtration rate much thought. However, a smart consumer would pay attention to it. The amount of filtered water that a filter can produce daily is known as the maximum filtration rate. Therefore, the filter is not suitable for you if your daily water consumption exceeds the maximum number of gallons that the filter can produce.

The maximum filtration rate of the various filters sold on the market through the water purifier service in Chennai varies greatly. Get one that either matches or slightly exceeds your usage. On the other hand, since they are typically more expensive, you should also refrain from purchasing filters that filter a lot more water than you use.

To choose the right filter, first, determine how much-filtered water you require each day.

4.Easy to maintain

Cartridges for water filters typically need to be replaced after some time. To find out how frequently you should change your cartridges and to ensure that you do so on time, consult your water filter guide. Avoid filters that demand frequent cartridge replacement.

Depending upon their types, water filters have different maintenance requirements. All filters require some level of monitoring, but more complex systems require more of your time and money.

5.Cost of installation and maintenance

Professional Water Purifier Service in Chennai

The type of water filter you choose to purchase will be significantly influenced by your budget. The number of stages applied to process water, the rate of filtration, the storage capacity, and other factors all affect how much a filter costs. The price of a filter will increase if it includes a demineralization cartridge.

There are additional expenses associated with having a filter in addition to the upfront payment. Make sure to check the price of your cartridges because you will need to replace them. Determine the amount of electricity your filter consumes. Remember that filters may seem pricey at first, but they may end up being less expensive in the long run.


You must take good care of your filter if you want it to continue functioning effectively. To guarantee that you receive pure, healthy water, it’s essential to keep your filter in excellent working order.

Your health is on the line, so getting a water filter from a water purifier service in Chennai is a serious task. Therefore, doing extensive research before installing one must be required. When looking for the ideal water filter, failing to take into account factors other than the essential one of making water pure and healthy could lead to regret.

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