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AC Installation Services in Chennai

The Simplest way to make the Best of Split Unit AC Installations

Experiencing heat waves in summer can take a toll on us. We run to the aid of Air conditioning during these times. Small places with minimum ventilation will provide compelling heat. We may find the installation of AC has trouble, but it is not. You can always reach out to professionals help to install your AC. Regular maintenance and service of the Air Conditioning will give it a long life and provide you with relief.

AC installationHere are some tips and advice to follow for Split AC installation.

Choose the right area to install:
You need to select a strong wall inside your house where you want to install the Split AC to contact ac service in Chennai. It is good but not necessary to install the indoor and outdoor units on the same wall. As we will be drilling holes to fit the brackets and pipes, ensure that the wall is not a beam. Don’t choose a place near the wires of other electronic items. The unit should be mounted 2 meters above the floor and should have at least 30 cm open spaces around it to ensure airflow.

Mounting plate for the indoor unit:
Determine when you want to install the mounting plates. Use a pencil to mark the place to drill holes. Drill holes of the appropriate size on the marks and insert plastic anchors. Make sure that the plates are even and horizontal using a sprite scale. Fasten the plates with the help of screws.
You also need to drill a hole of about 8 to 9 cm for the outdoor Split AC unit’s copper pipes and wires.

Install the indoor split AC unit:
Once we have fastened the mounting plates, we can fit the indoor unit. Lift the split AC towards the mounting plates. Use the hole drilled for the outdoor unit pipes to feed the copper pipes, drainage pipes, and wires. For uninterrupted cooling, ensure that the pipes are bent free and bind them together with tape. Finally, you can fit the Split AC on the mounting plates with ac repair and service in Chennai.

Fixing brackets for the outdoor unit:
Select an appropriate place to fit the outdoor unit’s brackets. It will be good if it is near the indoor unit. Mark the place to drill holes of appropriate size for the brackets. Fasten the brackets to the holes with the help of screws.

Install the outdoor split AC unit:
Once the brackets for the outdoor unit are fixed, you are ready to fit the outdoor split ac installation unit.
Lift the outdoor unit of the split AC and place it in such a way that the screw holes on the bracket should coincide with the holes on the outdoor unit. With the help of the bolts provided with the unit, fit the outdoor unit onto the brackets.
Now, check whether the electrical ports are working. Connect the power cables and wires according to the instruction manual. Make sure to follow the steps provided by the manufacturer to avoid damage.

AC installationConnect the copper pipes:
The final step is to connect the copper pipes. These are the pipes that carry the cooling gasses for the AC. Connect the pipes to the appropriate ports as per the instruction manual. Use the nuts provided to fasten them. Now open the gas valves and check the overall working of the Split AC.
It is recommended to always use regulators for the Split AC to avoid voltage fluctuations.

Installing Split AC on our own can be a challenging job. But it becomes a necessity for us sometimes.
We hope that you would utilize these tips to help yourself. You also can always find a good service provider for assistance anytime.

Also, keep in mind that Utilities Integrated provides the best ac service in Chennai to our customers. We guarantee satisfactory service. We take full responsibility for any accidents caused during the job. We provide you with free service if our work is not up to your expectations

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