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Water Purifier Services in Chennai

The #1 Thing People Get Wrong About Water Purifier Service

Most people living in metropolitan cities depend upon Water purifiers or RO for their day-to-day usage of water. There was a time when people relied on groundwater, but those days are no more. People in this era depend more on purified and processed water for health purposes. It has been recorded that RO water has more minerals and is more efficient than groundwater.

You can easily avail a RO service or a water purifier service in Chennai to install a purification process at home. Periodic maintenance is required for the proper working of the machine. After regular usage of the purifier, problems gradually start to arise such as metallic taste, dirty water, etc.

This blog illustrates 5 common Water purifier problems and how to fix them below:

water purifier serviceMetallic Taste and Smell:

If water from your water purifier has a bad or metallic taste and smell, it could be because of the collected biofilm. The materials can be accumulated anywhere inside the purifier which contaminates the water.

One of the efficient solutions to solve this issue is to remove and replace the filters and membrane of your water purifier. The recommended period for filer change is 12 months. Therefore ensure to keep track of your filter changes. Now, check the water. The contamination would be cleared after replacing fresh water in the tanks.

Low water pressure

The recommended pressure required for a water purifier is about 40 to 60 PSI. If your purifier dispenses water slowly or if the water flows in a thin string of water, then you are encountering low water pressure. This issue can occur due to blockage in the tank or leakage in the air bladder. The other reason can be a blockage in filters.

You can fill the water tank completely and that might increase the water pressure.

Noise from Tap

The next problem we might face is hearing weird noises from the taps of the water purifier. This commonly occurs due to clogged filters or sometimes air pockets may form in the appliance. The instantaneous solution is to replace the filters and membrane. It could also be because of not properly sealing the tank’s valve. Call professional water purifier service in Chennai if the problem persists.

Water Leakage

During installation, if any parts of the appliance are not fitted properly, you can face a water leakage problem. There could be water leakage if the seals (o-rings) of the filter or membrane are defective. The solution is to find the defective and ill-fitted parts and replace them. Also, ensure that the water tank’s valve is closed properly, to avoid this issue.

water purifier serviceWater Tank Issue

A major problem in the water purifier or RO service in Chennai is the storage tank will not get completely filled. This is caused due to extremely low water pressure in the purifier as it requires a pressure of 40mto 60 PSI. A simple solution is to increase the pressure using another external machine like pumps and motors.

Another reason that causes the storage tank to not fill up is a defective RO membrane. It not only reduces pressure but can also contaminate the water with dirt and germs. It is recommended to replace the remembrance every 12 months.

Water purifier in all homes is essential for safe consumption of water. Reaching out to a water purifier service or RO service in Chennai would make the installation job easier.

Now that you are aware of some problems and solutions, we hope that you would utilize these tips to find yourself a good service provider.

Also, keep in mind that Utilities Integrated provides the best water purifier service in Chennai to our customers. We guarantee to provide a satisfactory job.

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