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We typically recommends not disturbing the freshly cleaned sofa or carpet for 8 to 10 hours. Sometimes it may take an even longer time for them to dry. You can use external fans or ventilators to up the airflow for faster drying.

We recommend cleaning your sofas or other furniture once every one to two years. But if the damage is severe, you need to be mindful and get them professionally cleaned immediately. Frequent cleaning is required for a house with pets.


Our sofa and carpet cleaning service in Chennai uses specific methods and tools for different needs to ensure the job is to your satisfaction.

About Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services in Chennai

Sofa and carpet cleaning is one of the most common furniture found in the home. Cleaning every piece of furniture in your home can be a challenge. There is a specialty service available to get your sofa and carpet deep cleaned with exceptional care. Having kids, who tend to spill all kinds of food, can ensure that our sofa or carpet is filled with filth. 

Our sofa and carpet cleaning services in Chennai are the best in this line of work. They can clean them in your house or take them to a cleaning facility to completely get rid of the dirt. They carefully select the cleaning agents according to the fabric of your sofa and carpet.

Benefits of Sofa and Carpet Cleaning

  1. Minimizes odor: Sofa, carpet, or any furniture that is made of fabric and leather can absorb the surrounding smell and will start radiating an icky smell over time. We expose our furniture to different odors like cooking, smoke, cigarettes. A DIY method to mask these unpleasant odors is with perfumes. But that cannot be the solution. Our professional sofa cleaning services in Chennai provide you with contractors who can deep clean your sofa and carpets to remove the smell permanently.
  2. Prolong life: Like any other household item, we want our furniture to have a long life. Mishandling and contaminating them will leave an adverse effect. Deep cleaning then once in a which will give them a prolonged life. Therefore you need investment to get good results. We provide sofa cleaning service in Chennai with certified contractors who take extra measures while cleaning to avoid any damages. They clean and service your furniture to its original place and also sanitize them for extra precaution.
  3. Air quality: Dirt, dust, even mold can damage your sofa. The dust particles, which can be allergens, get stuck to the fibers of the furniture and pollute the air around. Your sofa and carpet can become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, the risk that we don’t wanna take in these pandemic times. Our service hires contractors who will use special tools and cleaning products to remove that stubborn dirt and mold. They also disinfect your furniture, which in turn improves your air quality.
  4. Appearance: Buying expensive things just for appearance rather than comfortability is a standpoint. This applies to furniture as well. It gets annoying to spend all that money and lose the pleasant looks of our sofa or furniture. Sad looking and dirty sofa doesn’t go well with our house. Hire our exceptional sofa cleaning services in Chennai to stop worrying. Our contractors can clean all types of carpets and sofas and renew their appearances. Pleasant-looking furniture increases the value of the property.
  5. Comfort: If appearance is a standpoint then comfortability is another. We tend to select furniture with soft, cushiony, and bouncy material that can give us a relaxing feel. But, our sofas and carpets lose this feature when they are exposed to damage and contamination. Cheap cleaners from the market could contain harmful ingredients which can further damage our furniture material costing us more money. Hiring a professional cleaner can save you a lot in the long run. Investing in our service can guarantee you an effective job with less to worry about.

Why choose our service?

Who knows what our sofa and carpets have faced with us constantly damaging them. They too need a good spa day once in a while. We should be careful and take extra care to handle your furniture.

We provide the best sofa and carpet cleaning service in Chennai. Our contractors are certified in this field. We analyze the material and condition of your belongings and choose the right products and procedures to clean your belongings. We guarantee that we take complete responsibility for any accidents or mistakes caused during the job. We provide you with free service for your dissatisfaction at no extra cost. There are no hidden charges applied once the job is done.

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Best Sofa and Carpet cleaning service

Rated 5 out of 5

Good and faster service. They came to my house and explained to me all the procedures. I will give them 5 stars.


best and affordable sofa cleaning

Rated 5 out of 5

Very affordable! I didn’t know anything about sofa cleaning until I saw their website. Very easy to contact and schedule appointments.


good service and recommended sofa and carpet cleaning

Rated 5 out of 5

They answered all my questions and doubts. A little bit pricey for my budget other than that no complaints. I will recommend them.


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