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Stone Basins.

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To avoid soap scum buildup or ring formation, keep a sponge or soft cloth ready next to your wash basin and wipe down the surface frequently. Using a multipurpose detergent to clean your basin once a week will help get rid of any accumulated dirt or stains.

Basins can be made out of ceramic, concrete, acrylic, marble, stainless steel, or even soapstone, and you never know what you’ll find at Fowles.

About Wash Basin and Sink :
A beautiful house is incomplete without sanitary ware products and while you are purchasing sanitary ware products the must-buy products are the sink and washbasin. Whether it comes to giving a makeover to your kitchen and bathroom or adding and installing a new sink or washbasin you will come across numerous varieties of materials and designs to choose from. The advancement of technology has given us some artistic designer sinks and washbasins with high- functionality.

Types of sink :

  1. Farmhouse Sink
  2. Undermount Sink
  3. Corner Sink
  4. Bar Sink
  5. Stainless Steel Sink
  6. Top Mount Kitchen Sink
  7. Single Bowl Sink
  8. Fireclay Sink
  9. Kitchen Sink With Drainboard
  10. Kitchen Island Sink
  11. Cast Iron Sink
  12. Granite Composite Sink

Types of washbasins :

  1. Basin with pedestal
  2. Basin with integrated pedestal
  3. Basin with half pedestal
  4. Basin with integrated half pedestal
  5. Pop-up waste coupling
  6. Counter Top
  7. Over Counter
  8. Under Counter
  9. Wall Hung Basins
  10. Semi-recessed

Washbasin sink fittings :
Fitting washbasin and sink are the work that you cannot DIY. After all, there are a bunch of plumbing mistakes you can make when trying to do it on your own you must have to hire a plumber to get the work done perfectly. When it to the installation of a sink and washbasin a single mistake can hurt you badly. An improper fit can create water leakage, and water issues that linger lead to damaged wood, mold, mildew, and other problems. So, to avoid such a thing you must contract your job to a professional plumber who knows what he is doing and how to fix every related problem. Hiring a plumber is also a tough job. If you decide to hire a plumber, there are certain factors you should look for. Here are the five things to look for when hiring a plumber for your next job.

  1. Location – By finding a local plumber nearby, you can get the job done at affordable prices, and also you’ll likely be able to receive services more quickly.
  2. Services – In addition to location, the next factor you should consider when choosing a plumber is the services they provide. After all, you don’t want to choose a plumber who cannot address the issues you are trying to deal with. Think about what exactly you need and find a plumber that specializes in that issue, such as blocked drains, hot water, dripping taps, gas leaks, burst pipes, leak detection, and more.
  3. Insurance – Any time you have someone doing work in your home, you want to make sure they are insured. This way should something go wrong in their work, they will have the insurance to cover the damage or issue that arises.
  4. Hours – Plumbing issues can arise at any time of day, so you’ll want to find a plumber who offers 24/7 services. After all, if you have a plumbing issue that happens in the middle of the night, waiting until the next morning could actually do more harm than good.
  5. Reviews – Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to find out any information about different companies out there, including customer reviews. Once you find a company you’re interested in using, take some time to research them and read different reviews.
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Leakage stopped after the service. Thanks for the work.



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Completely satisfied with what I have called them upon.


Wash Basin

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Professionally handled the way how they repaired the wash basin


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