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Office Disinfection

Once more, this is based on the type of business and purpose of the building. For the safety of users, more frequent treatments will be required in buildings with high visitor traffic or where there is a higher risk of infected individuals bringing the virus into the building (as well as other associated risks).

Before reopening, public institutions should have their properties disinfected. Subsequent treatments will depend on local government recommendations and standards for public health.

The price varies depending on the size of the structure or area that needs treatment, the type of facility used, and the kind of service needed.

Before the professionals can give you a cost estimate, they must first survey your property and talk about the service level that is best for you.Β 

Your property will be safe to use again 30 minutes after the service or as soon as the disinfection products are dry, depending on the size, type, and condition of the building and the treatment area (whichever is the greater).

– High-level disinfection – for recently confirmed contamination

– Intermediate-level disinfection – for suspected contamination

– Precautionary disinfection – to prepare your premises for re-opening

– Contingency survey – to help you make contingency plans for disinfection in case of future contamination

About Office Disinfection Service

Disinfection is the process of using chemical substances or compounds to kill viruses and bacteria, the simplest form of Germs. These germs cause deadly infections, and sometimes this can be contagious. It is necessary to deep clean our surroundings after every short time. After an unexpected spread of the novel Coronavirus, people prefer to work from home even after the number of cases are decreasing. But, working from the office has benefits like social interactions, a healthy routine, making work more effective, building strong professional relationships, and personal relationships with co-workers.

It is crucial to disinfect once in a while to create a safer workspace by ensuring the safety and security of the employees. The disinfection materials are costly, and the human resource required to clean the larger workspace can be high in number. The only solution for disinfecting problems is to use Office Disinfection Service. These services provide a package that includes materials and labor. They ensure the safety and security of the workspace. Employers can save a lot of time recruiting new people, and the materials cost can be minimized by switching to disinfecting services. These services are readily available to serve the purpose and are more trustworthy.

The Employer will not compromise on an employee’s health and security. Office Disinfection Services uses advanced types of machinery and the best disinfectants. People working in this are well-trained to use such advanced machinery. There are many Office Disinfection Services in Chennai for deep cleaning. Even though this is cost-effective, it might be hard to use these services daily. But fortunately, Disinfection Services provide subscription-based plans. Subscribing to these plans can help us save a lot of money on deep cleaning. Meanwhile, we can us the local power to disinfect the workspace.

Chennai is a small IT Hub. More than 4000 IT offices and more than 35-40 small-scale and large-scale industries located in and near Chennai. Post-Pandemic, many offices are asking their employees to work from the office. It is madatory to disinfect workstations before welcoming people. Subscribing to monthly plans Office Disinfection Service in Chennai can ensure regular Disinfection. Most people do not know to clean machines, electronic devices, and large equipment.

Office Disinfection Services uses advanced machinery like Ultrasonic cleaners, Washer-Disinfectors, walk-behind Sweepers, walk-behind scrubbers, and many other ride-on and walk-on equipment. The chemicals used in Disinfecting the workspace are alcohol, Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde, Hydrogen peroxide, Ortho-phthalaldehyde, Quaternary ammonium compounds, and Iodophors. These equipment and chemicals are hazardous, and only professionals can handle such things. The physical and chemical components help in cleaning the workspace and make people safer in the surroundings they forgot to use for a while.

Safety Measures to follow in the Office Post-Covid:
1. Sanitize your workplace,
2. Follow social-distancing.
3. Wear mask.
4. Avoid over-crowding.
5. Speak out loud about mental health in this Pandemic situation.
6. Disinfect your workspace
7. Avoid using Air-conditioners.
8. Avoid outside food and.
9. Avoid sharing your food with others.
10. Bring your cutlery.

Follow the above-mentioned precautionary measures to ensure your safety and the people around you. Do not forget to use Office Disinfection Service.

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