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How to save water and money through plumbing fixtures/services?

Water efficiency improves not only water bills but also energy costs, as water heating can account for up to a quarter of a household’s energy consumption. Fixing leaky toilets, installing low-flow showerheads, and collecting rainwater for irrigation are all ways to save water without losing convenience. Toilets, for example, can account for about a third of indoor water usage in a typical home.

This article offers a number of solutions by the Plumbing Service In Chennai for conserving both water and energy while keeping your plumbing system in top shape.

High-Efficiency Toilet (HET)

Toilets evolve along with technology. Not only are today’s models more efficient, but they also look great! Many newer toilets have a dual flush option, giving you the option of using a half or full flush to save water. For a full flush, these modern toilets require an average of 1.6 gallons of water. The bulk of older toilets, on the other hand, use up to 6 gallons of water per flush! Top Plumbing Service in Chennai

Conduct home inspections to look for plumbing problems.

Instead of waiting for a clogged pipe or a broken seal, plumbing faults can be recognized early by Plumbing Service In Chennai and rectified more easily and at a lesser cost:

  • Examine the hardware on your sink, bath, and shower.
  • Examine any exposed pipes beneath the sink.
  • Inspect your basement and utility room plumbing.
  • Check for toilet leaks by putting a few drops of food coloring in the tanks and waiting 10-15 minutes to see whether the bowl water has changed color. Check the floor around the toilet for seeping water, which could indicate a cracked seal.
  • Check the hoses and faucets outside.

Once a leak has been discovered, have the affected pipes and fittings repaired or replaced as needed by the Plumbing Service In Chennai. Each leaky faucet and plumbing joint can save up to 20 gallons of water each day. Although not all leaks are visible, you can check your water meter before and after a period of time when no water has been used to see if there are any concealed leaks. If your meter changes, you probably have leaks that aren’t being caught. If you are still unable to determine the source of your plumbing system’s troubles, you should seek out an affordable Plumbing Service In Chennai.

High-quality Shower Head

It’s crucial to remember that using a water-saving showerhead does not always imply you’ll have decreased water pressure. The usual showerhead consumes 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), while water-saving showerheads use just about 2 gallons per minute (GPM). That half-gallon of water adds up quickly — in only one year, you can save 1,825 gallons of water! To avoid leaks, make sure your new shower head fits correctly on the shower arm, and call a professional Plumbing Service In Chennai if you need assistance locating and installing the right shower valve for your home.

Water heaters

Because water conservation reduces the volume of water running through water heating systems, it can save a lot of energy.

Old water heaters should be replaced with newer, more energy-efficient versions. Tankless water heaters consume less energy by only heating the water that is used. If you have a tank-based water heater, keep it clean to ensure that the heater’s performance and efficiency are at their best. You can avoid scorching while saving money by setting your water heater to 120°F or lower. 

Professional Plumbing Services in Chennai

Water-Efficient Faucets

Water-saving faucets also reduce the amount of water consumed per minute by a significant amount. If you’re concerned about your sink’s water pressure, consider aerator-equipped faucets, which can save up to a gallon of water per minute while maintaining high water pressure by injecting air into the stream. This removes water without affecting flow, pressure, or the capacity to rinse.

Check your washing machine’s supply hoses.

Washing machines use a lot of water, and leaks in them can significantly increase your water bills.

Check the floor for signs of leakage and move the washing machine away from the wall. Rubber hoses deteriorate with age, so inspect them thoroughly from end to end for cracks or other signs of degradation. Rubber hoses should be replaced by Plumbing Service In Chennai every five years or as needed.


House owners frequently regard water efficiency projects as difficult or expensive, although it is actually a realistic goal. Although the potential for outdoor water conservation is substantial, indoor use is a more straightforward starting point: repairing leaks in bathroom fixtures can result in significant water and energy savings.

The above advice and suggestions can help you improve the operation of your plumbing system while also saving money by lowering water and energy use by employing a Plumbing Service In Chennai.

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