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Home Disinfection

We use chemicals with antibacterial and antimicrobial products which have active ingredients. For example, oil, quaternary ammonium, acid sodium hypochlorite, phenols, and ethanol. We only use high-quality and toxin-free chemicals.

Usually, the disinfection service takes about 30 to 45 minutes per room. Our disinfection service in Chennai provides contractors who arrive early to prepare your house for the treatment. Once done, they will restore it to how it was.

No. The disinfectants or chemicals used by us do not damage your house. Our disinfection service in Chennai ensures the use of only special products for killing stubborn herms.

About Disinfection Services in Chennai

Evolving through this pandemic has taught us many things. One of them is defective in everything and everywhere in our house. It is as important as sanitizing our hands and masks outside. Viruses and germs are living with us side by side. Let it be your home or business, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces creates trust and invites people. Even Though we try to clean all the surfaces, getting every nook and corner is a challenge. Luckily, many companies provide disinfecting services, and we are one of them, providing home disinfecting services in Chennai. Our contractors are trained to choose high-quality and toxin-free chemicals that can prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Difference between Sanitization and Disinfection

Many people think that sanitizing and disinfecting are the same, but that is not the case. They are two different things with similar properties. One could say that sanitizing is a level low from disinfecting.

While sanitizing a surface, you reduce the number of germs and microbes like bacteria present. Sanitizing cannot 100% kill the germs. It merely lowers the quantity. We can sanitize our surroundings using cleaners from the market which are easily available. For example Dettol, Lizol, etc. Some forms of sanitizing are, washing our utensils with soap, rubbing alcohol for hands, using the anti-bacterial solution for laundry.

Whereas, the disinfection method not only reduces the number of germs but also eliminates them. It will remove contagious germs altogether which can prevent the spread of diseases and improve health. The disinfection process uses the help of chemicals like antibacterial or antimicrobial, which have active ingredients to get rid of germs and microbes. It is simply eliminating them for the time being but also contributes to controlling their evolution.

Benefits of Disinfection Service

  1. Mental stress: Having stress in today’s time, not only affects our mental health but also our physical health.  Imagine the losses we would face by having stress in this pandemic time. Here we are stressing a lot about viruses and covid. We are all busy. Get your home and surroundings disinfected with our exceptional disinfection service in Chennai that can save you from this oblivious mental stress. Be stress-free knowing you have to protect the health of your housemates.
  2. Medical bills: Prevention is always better than cure. Let’s say that you have some medical conditions due to the germs and microbes present. Imagine the bill you have to pay in the hos[itals nowadays. Also, can we risk going to a hospital in this pandemic? so staying at top of our health matters. Hire our disinfection service in Chennai to save you from these long bills. Our services are cheaper than your medical bills.
  3. Allergy: One of the most common allergies among our people is dust allergy. Dust allergy can cause breathing problems as it can irritate our airways. Infestation like mold can aggravate someone with a serious respiratory issue. Therefore, regular cleaning and disinfection of the house are highly recommended. We can disinfect almost everything in your home and take care of these allergens. You and your kids have a happy and safe environment.
  4. Odor:  Most of us don’t require visual confirmation to know that our home is infested. The foul odor from mold and other unpleasant growth will give it away. Imagine inviting people over to enjoy when your home smells bad. A DIY method to mask these unpleasant odors is by using fragrance or incense. But that cannot always be the solution. Our professional disinfestation service in Chennai provides you with contractors who can clean your place with safe chemicals and make your home smell pleasantly.

Why choose our service?

Keeping a sterile environment is necessary for us and our kids. We always need to take precautions and maintain hygiene everywhere to be hassle-free. We cannot risk the health of our children and housemates in these times.

Our disinfection services in Chennai offer to sanitize your home, building, and business facilities. We deploy professionally trained cleaners to our customers. Your satisfaction is the top priority for us and our professionals. If there are any unavoidable accidents, we guarantee that we take complete responsibility and are also ready to provide you free service for your dissatisfaction. There are no hidden charges applied once the job is done.

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