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Bungalow Pest Control Service in Chennai

Different Types of Pest Control Methods

Typically, when people hear the terms “pest management” or “pest control,” they picture eliminating rats, mice, insects, and other pests. In reality, pest management affects the security of ourPest Control Services food, our health, and the preservation of our property. For the general public’s safety, a system of Pest control in Chennai is essential.

Rodents consume almost 20% of the world’s food supply, and they are the primary vectors of other dangerous pests like fleas, ticks, and mites. Additionally, rats can spread illnesses to people and other animals.

Cockroaches are among the dirtiest insects in existence and have allergens to which many people, roughly 7-8% of the general population, are allergic. Food hygiene, food regulation, and health regulations could not be properly enforced without the use of pest management control techniques.

What various techniques are there for eradicating pests?

Depending on the kind of infestation you are dealing with, there are many different types of Pest control in Chennai that operate in various ways.

These consist of:

Methods of Physical Pest Control – Equipment use and pest proofing are key components of physical Pest control in Chennai. Skilled and experienced Pest control in Chennai should be used for the majority of physical pest control techniques. Other physical methods are more focused on prevention while some physical methods exterminate or remove pests. Physical Pest control in Chennai examples include:

Pest proofing involves constructing a barrier to entry to keep pests out of your house, place of business, or garden. It might also entail getting rid of their nests. It can prevent infestations from growing by removing a pest’s breeding ground. Additionally, it will prevent any current infestation from escalating. 

The two physical Pest control in Chennai techniques that are used the most frequently are traps and bait stations. For catching small animals like rodents and insects, traps are an excellent tool. Traps need to be regularly inspected and any pests need to be removed for them to function effectively.

Control of temperature. Pests can be controlled by temperature extremes, both hot and cold. For instance, bedbug adults, eggs, and larvae can all be killed by heat treatment at specific temperatures. On the other hand, growing insects are slowed down or prevented by putting grown produce in cold storage containers.

Biological methods of Pest control in Chennai are the most environmentally friendly. There are no chemicals or pesticides used in this method of pest control. Instead, it combats pest infestations by using nature. In order to practice this type of pest control, the environment is typically introduced with natural predators.

Methods for Chemical Pest Control – The most common method of Pest control in Chennai is through the use of pesticides and rodenticides. Chemical methods of pest control have a reputation for being dependable and effective against a sizable portion of the pest population. Typically, pesticides are used in situations where no other solution will work. Chemical pest control examples include:

– The main way that poison baits are used to control pests is in conjunction with some physical methods, like traps. Many of the poisons used in pest control come in gel or pellet form. The poisons are meant to be consumed by the pest, and any that are left over are taken back to the nest to eliminate the population at its origin.

– Pesticides. These substances kill insects by specifically targeting them. They are available as sprays and granules and ought to ideally be handled carefully. Insecticides in the granule form are used to control garden pests like slugs and snails. Aphids can be controlled using the spray method, and non-organic crops are still treated with sprays.

– A particularly deadly class of pesticides is rodenticides. They are used to kill rodents because they are so powerful. A trained pest technician should handle them. Because of the risk to wildlife, many pest control professionals no longer use rodenticides.

Home Pest Control Service in ChennaiWhy do physical methods of pest control outperform chemical poisons?

Pest control methods that use physical and biological means are better for the environment. You won’t be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals if you use physical or biological methods to control pests; the toxicity can be harmful.

Additionally, a growing number of insects are becoming resistant to pesticides. However, eliminating all pests naturally can be challenging. Always weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each course of treatment.

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