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A thin layer of lovely wood grain that is tightly glued to wood with various properties is called a veneer for furniture. Cabinetry and very fine dining tables are made with veneered wood. Craftsmen can repair them and match the patina of the surrounding wood using a variety of custom blended colors and finishing methods.

To restore each item to its original color and sheen, professionals provide a quote. Today, the satin sheen is used to finish 95 percent of furniture. Since satin is the most useful material for daily use, it is advised. Unless otherwise specified, your piece will be restored using UV-protective pre-catalyzed furniture grade lacquer to guarantee the color will remain true for many years.

We have your back. We can duplicate the original hardware if you need to replace missing pieces, or you can buy new hardware in our store.

About Furniture Repair Service in Chennai

Many people have favorite pieces of furniture in their homes. Many homeowners develop a special kind of bond with their furniture over the years we have it in our homes, whether it be the first couch you were ever able to purchase brand-new or an heirloom piece that was passed down to you from your parents or grandparents. Regardless of where you purchased your furniture when it starts to look dated and worn, many homeowners are forced to make a difficult choice: Should I look for something new or should I just get rid of this?

Furniture repair in Chennai and restoration may be the perfect alternative for homeowners who believe they have only two choices. Here is a quick list of some of the main advantages of having your old furniture repair in Chennai rather than buying brand-new pieces.

1.New Style, Same Furniture

Your furniture may be getting a little older, but that doesn’t mean it won’t continue to serve you well for years to come. Having your old furniture expertly repaired or restored by furniture repair in Chennai can help it look brand-new once more. Furniture repair in Chennai can be the solution if you want to give your older furniture a complete makeover to suit your changing tastes or if you just want it returned to its former glory to help your home look and feel more vintage.

2.Greater Eco-Friendliness

Although it might not seem like it, by restoring and refinishing your current furniture rather than purchasing new, you are actually doing your part to contribute to environmental protection. According to scientific evidence, refinishing and getting your old furniture repair in Chennai can significantly lower your carbon footprint. More carbon dioxide is reportedly released into the atmosphere during the manufacture of new furniture than during the repair or refinishing of your current pieces. You could contribute to environmental protection by restoring your current furniture.

3.Cheaper than purchasing new

The idea of purchasing new furniture can be intimidating at the best of times and downright exhausting at the worst, as anyone who has ever owned a home or rented an unfurnished apartment or property knows. However, even if the piece of furniture is enormous, the cost of restoration will still be less than having to replace it with a new one. Who doesn’t love having more money in their pockets at the end of the day? Choosing restoration and furniture repair in Chennai over new can save you money.

This can give you the benefit of being able to design your home in an entirely new style without having to obtain a bank loan. The best part of furniture repair in Chennai is that you get to keep every piece of furniture that has ever been in your house.

Why avoid DIY

Furniture that is used frequently or is neglected will eventually look worn out or break, necessitating furniture repair. Some people opt to DIY their repairs, which can occasionally result in more damage and reduce the value of a valuable item. Here are some reasons why it’s better to call the experts for assistance rather than attempting to fix or salvage damaged furniture on your own.

Furniture will inevitably experience wear and tear over time. Every item in your house is susceptible to having blemishes, nicks, dents, discoloration, torn or faded upholstery, and broken parts, which will make it an eyesore rather than enhance the room.

The reason why most home repairs don’t last is that they aren’t done properly. You run the risk of missing something or making a mistake when performing repairs on your own. For instance, improper varnish application on wood furniture can result in bubbling or uneven layers that stain the surface. Inaccurate measurements and technical requirements can lead to disastrous and expensive outcomes.

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