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Plumbing Services in Chennai

Basic or Emergency Plumbing Service

As our pipelines and plumbing systems at home get older, we might face some issues that slowly occur. They can be minor issues like loose coupling or major issues like burst pipes. Most of the minor repairs can be done by ourselves but the major ones almost always are professional plumbing contractors in Chennai.

If you are wondering whether you have a plumbing emergency at home and if you are not sure whether you should call our plumbing contractors in Chennai, no worries. We have provided the five most concerning plumbing situations below. If you are facing any one or more of these issues, that indicates you need plumbing repairs immediately at home.

plumbing serviceDrainage leak

The leaking of drainage would be mainly due to loose or burst pipelines. Sometimes the wastewater could contaminate our clear or drinking water. There is a high chance of this unpleasant contamination happening in large and crowded cities. The smell around our homes and drains is a good indicator of this issue. Consuming contaminated water is a health hazard and can spread diseases. Therefore, we cannot risk it. Drainage leaks are an emergency and require immediate plumbing repairs.

Clogged toilet

Do you know what happens when you try to flush a clogged toilet? Yes, it overflows and floods your bathroom. The first step when you spot a clogged toilet is to not flush it. Try to clear the blockage with a plunger but it might not always work and lead to more problems. When neglected, the overflowed toilet water can grow bacteria and germs that can spread diseases. A clogged toilet is an emergency and will require plumbing repairs. Therefore, you need to contact our plumbing contractors in Chennai, they can immediately to sort the issue out.

Water leakage through walls and ceiling

A faulty plumbing system causes water to sweep through our walls and ceilings. Mold and mildew start growing in our walls due to leakage which is a health hazard. Water leakage also causes yellowish residue and cracks on walls. It can damage our valuable pieces of furniture and appliances. There is a very high risk of getting an electric shock while handling appliances due to a water leak near sockets.

Immediately contact your plumber to inspect the leakage and help you with your water leaks.

Low water pressure

Having low water pressure is no delight while taking a shower or washing dishes or any work that needs water. This is a very common issue that occurs due to faulty plumbing or blockage in pipes. Low water pressure should not be neglected and needs immediate attention. It can make our daily chores difficult. Imagine watering plants with a hose with no pressure at all.

You can do it yourself and solve the issue by checking all your pipelines and clearing the blockage. OR use the simple solution by calling a plumbing service in Chennai.

plumbing serviceBlocked drains

We can have multiple blocked drains at home. Blocked drains prevent wastewater from flowing to the drainage and flooding the particular area. It is easy for us to clear the blockage as there can be many reasons for the blockage. The kitchen drain is one area that gets blocked often due to drinking greasy items. Therefore, when you have multiple blocked drains, emergency plumbing repair is necessary, and contact a service provider immediately.

If not addressed properly, plumbing troubles can lead to more serious and costlier issues which cannot be handled by us.

Now that you are aware of some tips and advice, we hope that you would utilize these tips on when to contact the plumbing repair service.

Also, keep in mind that Utilities Integrated provides the best plumbing service in Chennai to our customers. Choosing us will guarantee you a hassle-free life.

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