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TDS Stands for Total Dissolved Solids and TDS level refers to how much total dissolved service is present in water. They were measured in parts per million (PPM) mostly TDS level between 50 ppm -150 ppm is apt for drinking.

We deal in all types of purifiers and also provide service for maintenance like tank cleaning services. We also repair the parts that need to be repaired and if it’s needed replace them with spare parts

Our services are mostly provided by high level technicians, so the possibilities are very high. Still if you face any problem we’ll provide you a warranty for the service we provide. So, there are zero level problems our customers face by hiring us.

 About Water Purifier Service

People feel the water they drink today is impure and unsafe, so to make it drinkable they rely on a water purifier. Purifier has the capacity to make them drinkable by removing the bacteria in them. In them Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifying has the most effective way to remove heavy chemicals and metals like iron, lead and mercury. In recent days these purifiers became the essential home appliance in almost everyone’s house.

If such an application gets into trouble you need a professional to help you, and we, the best water purifier service in Chennai are here to offer you a helping hand. But before that you need to understand the common problems your purifier might face, so that you can understand the condition of your application. Some common issues are listed here below:

Some common problem in water purifier

RO Purifier Not Working: When you find, there is not even a single drop of water flowing from your purifier, check the power switch. If the switch is still on, check the electricity application. There is no problem in  both  conditions, it means your purifier has a problem in wiring or power supply adapter.

Solution: The simple ones like electricity apply, on/off in switch  are all easy for us to handle, but the below ones like issues in wiring and power supply need a professional RO service in Chennai to come to a perfect solution.

Water Leakage: When you see a pool of water near your Ro, it means your purifier is having a water leakage problem. Maybe a loose connection in the pipes leads to this problem.

Solution: Make sure to look through the pipe fittings correctly functioning. If  there is no loose connection in pipes but you still face such a problem, contact the water purifier service in Chennai to give it a proper and thorough check and find the exact problem.

Slow Water Flow: If your purifier provides a glass of water very slowly compared to its previous times, it means your water purifier has a low volume or low pressure. Also a malfunction in the water storage tank too led to this issue.

Solution: Finding the fast and quick result to some problems may sound difficult. So,  contact the professional who offers a water purifier service in Chennai and let them handle the work properly.   

An Unpleasant Smell From The Water Purifier: When you get the water in an unusual taste from the purifier, it means a biofilm has gathered together in some places of your purifier. Because of this the polluting substance in the water rises, and gives an unpleasant taste and smell.

Solution: You can replace the clogged filters or the membrane to solve this problem. This problem also signifies, your purifier needs proper maintenance. You can contact the water purifier service in Chennai and let them handle a cleaning and maintenance task.     

The above issues are some of the common ones your purifier may face. If it happens you need an expert to repair them. Finding a skilled professional may sound as a difficult task but it’s not something impossible to do. If you are in search of such a professional contact us.

Why Book Our Purifier Service

Our professionals provide the best water purifier service in Chennai for all types such as RO, UF and UV. They also have high technical skills which make them industry experts, who even know the precise things about the work they are providing. Our technicians also have the capacity to provide you with all the requirements you want. So, you can trust us to handle your application.


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water purifier service in chennai;

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I am happy with their water purifier service in chennai; also they are good at being punctual and giving responses too.


RO purifier service

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My RO purifier stopped working properly and I don’t even know the problem. So, I contacted them. They clearly explain the problem of my RO and provide me a great service.


purifier service

Rated 5 out of 5

They are reliable and honest. So, I am glad to have their RO service


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