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The service amount may differ from one place to another. At our service center for the convenience of our customers we offer a cost-effective service.

We provide service for all TV types like LED, LCD and plasma. Also we offer a service like TV repair servicing, maintenance servicing you can pick the one you want.

It depends on the problem with your TV. If it’s something severe, it may take long, but you are handling it to the expert. So, they’ll find the solution as soon as possible.

About TV Repair

It was impossible to see a house without Television; they became something people use in their everyday life. Some use it for pure enjoyment and others for gain some knowledge from it. If such appliance gets issues, we’ll be in need of a professional who can help us in overcoming the problem. At a time like this we, a best TV repair Service in Chennai will be helping you, if you contact us. Whether you are in Chennai or someone around here book our service. But before that one might understand the issues their heater might face, if you don’t know any of them just look below we’ve listed out them.

Some Common Problem in Television

TV screen goes black: This is one of the common problems your TV face in recent days. If it happens to your television it means there is a problem in the power supply unit.

Solutions: Contact the professional who offers TV Service in Chennai, you in this, by their assistance you can solve this problem. 

 TV with no sound output: Sometimes we can see a picture clearly but we couldn’t hear the audio. When you face this problem, start as simply as checking the volume button, then make sure all the cables are connected properly. If any of them couldn’t work, it indicates the problem resides on the speaker malfunction or circuit board malfunction.  

Solution: You can contact the  TV repair service in Chennai, they will inspect and find the apt solution for the issue. 

Lines On The Display Screen: Sometimes we see vertical and horizontal lines on LCD screens. It indicates that your LCD panel is starting to fail. If it’s  the initial stage you can unplug the Tv for a while then turn them on. If its severe your LCD screen needs to be replaced.   

Solution: The above mentioned things didn’t help the line to disappear. Contact the professional LCD TV service in Chennai, they can offer a proper solution for your problem.

The Audio and Video do not Match: Sometimes the audio started to process a lot faster than the video, maybe it’s because of the problem in audio processing speed. 

Solution: You can get rid of this problem by adjusting audio delay. You can search for this term in the audio settings of your cable box.     

The above problems are some of the common problems your television might face. If your television did face such a problem you need to repair them. But none of us want to give it to someone who is not sure about what they are doing, we need an expert. If you are in search of such persons contact us.  

Why Book our TV Service

We have professionals who can offer the best TV Service in Chennai, also they can provide the all services you need for your all types of TV like LED, LCD and plasma. They also have high technical skills which make them industry experts, who even know the precise things about the work they are providing. Our technicians also have the capacity to provide you with all the requirements you want. So, without reluctance, hand your appliance to us

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tv installation

Rated 4 out of 5

They are very friendly people, it was nice knowing their TV service in Chennai


tv repair

Rated 5 out of 5

I got my LED TV repaired from them, it was a good service.


Best TV service in Chennai

Rated 5 out of 5

I have a backlight problem with my TV, so I contacted the TV service in Chennai for assistance. They came to my line as soon as I called them and provided me with a great solution.


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