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Our refrigerator service in Chennai offers to handle all types of fridges like single door, double door and side-by-side door. Our technicians are pro at providing solutions for problems like lack of power supply, water and gas leaking, problems with fan motors and a lot more than that. Apart from repairing they also provide maintenance services, so you can book any of the services you want and our technicians will help you in that.

We knew the possibilities of our time and our customers didn’t match. So provide them proper assistance and resolve their issues according to their convenience. Without reluctance you can contact us for your immediate and emergency needs.

We have a verified technician, so the possibilities are very low. Still if you face the same problem again after our service, we’ll revisit you to look through the issue of your fridge. Apart from that we also provide a warranty for the service we provide. So your applications are very safe with us.

About Refrigerator Service in Chennai

Fridges became an important application in the kitchen, because they help us to keep our food cold. When such applications get problems, sometimes we will be in a dilemma to come to better solutions. At such times you need a professional to help you and we, the best refrigerator service in Chennai are here to offer you a helping hand. So, whether you are in Chennai or around it, contact us for any assistance about your application. But before that you need to understand the common problems your fridge might face, so that you can understand the condition of your application. Some common issues are listed here below:

Some Common Problem in Fridge

Water Leaking on The Floor: This is actually a dangerous problem, because people can get slip from the water leaking from the door of the fridge. Blocked defrost chains can cause this issue, other than that a clocked or frozen water supply can also cause this problem.

Solution: If the issue is caused by a blocked deforest chain, use warm water to dry the hole from inside. If the problem is caused by frozen water supply, unplug the fridge and locate the shut-off valve behind the bridge. Then make sure to check for any problem in the plastic supply line. If you are not sure how to do that or else need proper assistance contact someone who can do fridge service in Chennai, they will guide through the whole process.

Freezer is not Cold Enough: When your fridge doesn’t provide the coolness it has to provide, there is a high chance all the food you store there will get spoiled. Problems in the evaporator fan and condenser coils can lead your application to this issue.

Solution: Replace the evaporator fan, if it’s where the problem resides. But the problem is in condenser coils, look through them thoroughly to understand whether they need some kind of maintenance or not. Clean the coils if they are dirty, still you couldn’t solve the problem, call our refrigerator service in Chennai to provide you a proper solution

Unit is Cycling too Often: The bridge which runs frequently can be very noisy and it can also increase your electricity bill. Most common cause of this problem is dust or other kitchen waste building up in condenser coils.   

Solution: Sometimes a simple appropriate answer can be a solution for many problems. Similarly, you can apply the same solution you provide in the above. So, to avoid the frequent run of your refrigerator you have to clean your coil properly, without leaving any dust. Also providing proper maintenance to your application you can avoid this problem in your fridge.

Ice Maker is Overflowing: Low pressure in the water inlet valve or the imperfect condition of it led to the valve leaking water into the icemaker, this resulted in ice maker overflowing.

Solutions:  With the help of professionals who can do fridge service in Chennai you can replace the water inlet valve. As a result your application overcame this problem.

The above problems are some of the common problems your fridge might face. If your refrigerator did face such a problem you need to repair them. But none of us want to give it to someone who is not sure about what they are doing, we need an expert. If you are in search of such persons contact us.  

Why Book Our Refrigerator Service

Our professionals provide the best refrigerator service in Chennai for all types of fridges like single door, double door and side-by-side door. They also have high technical skills which make them industry experts, who even know the precise things about the work they are providing. Our technicians also have the capacity to provide you with all the requirements you want. So, you can trust us to handle your application.

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They provide me with professional and on time service.



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Predict the accurate problem on my refrigerator. Great service, I would recommend them for all who need refrigerator service.



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A talented staff who can provide a fast, reliable and cost-effective refrigerator service in chennai. Have a good time with them.


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