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Most common home light switches are unidirectional, which means there is a switch to control a particular lighting fixture. However, in some situations, you may want to control a particular circuit from two different locations. A good example of this is the stairs going up and down. This is where bidirectional switches come in, as they can be installed in a circuit to allow it to be controlled from multiple locations.

About General Fixing in Chennai

General Fixing refers to the maintenance or repair of household things such as appliances, electricity, etc. These are the basic services that every household demands in day-to-day life.

Electric fitting in the house:
Fitting electricity is a hazardous job while completing this job one has to pay attention to lots of things a single mistake may risk a person’s life. While constructing a house/ building the owner must take care of electric works too. Electric works require a lot of observation, quality of wire the way it fitted, quality of electric appliances that are used by the homies. Electric fitting must be safe and ensure proper safety for the occupants of the house. Low-quality products or appliances can cause fatal accidents like short circuit fire/smoke, break out of a fire in the entire house, current shock to any member, etc. Generally, it is recommended to use appliances that are ISI certified or have an ISI mark. ISI stands for Indian Standard Institute. It was established to maintain standards for the gradual growth of industries and managing quality n industrial production. It provides an ISI mark on the product which is a certification mark for industrial products in India. ISI ensures the quality of the product and in India people trust that the product is ISI certified and that it is 100 percent safe. We can avoid daily short circuits and overloading in houses with the use of MCB(miniature circuit breaker), and save your electrical appliances from short circuits.

Electric Fitting: Electrical mistakes are common in every house that may be dangerous for residents. When you are designing your dream home it may be that you are not aware of the electrical mistakes and their effects. Defects in electrical wires can also cause a fire in the house and may even have the possibility of taking human lives in some cases. That’s why we need to do the following to ensure good electric work.

  1. We need to hire a professional or good electrician for electric works. All electric works and installations should comply with the latest Indian Electricity Acts and Rules in all respects.
  2. All materials used in electrical fittings should be approved and from a reputed manufacturer as per ISI specifications.
  3. Make sure that the electrician has calculated the total load from various items that would be used in the house. Whether he lays wires that are capable of taking the total load.
  4. It is seen that a lot of times electricians are careless while putting right load-bearing wires for a purpose and these wires get burnt at the movement when an entire load is put on wires.

Electricity can be deadly if not used with utmost care. When the phase or live wire touches our body, electric current gives shock depending on the intensity of voltage and paralyzes muscular functions of the body. To avoid electric shocks during electric works/contact, make sure you have followed all precautions of electric shock mentioned in the following article. Lastly, saving electricity not only adds to your money but will help thousands in demand of energy also. Every citizen has to use appliances effectively and efficiently.

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