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Cupboard & Drawer

For some people, cabinets are a better option for storage, but drawers are a great option for homeowners if they want storage below the waist and a more modern look.

The appearance and feel of a new kitchen can be destroyed by grease and grime buildup on cabinets. Use a soft cloth dampened with warm water to wipe down cabinets to remove buildup. Do this at least once every two weeks, or more frequently if there is a lot of activity in the kitchen.

Keep Moisture and Water Away. Install a towel rack or drape towels over the dishwasher or oven handle for easy access to protect the cabinet finish and prevent discoloration. Additionally, you can keep cabinets dry by Lining the inside of the cabinets. before putting dishes away, make sure they are dry.

Your kitchen doors are damaged?  

This is one of the most common jobs for our team of experienced technicians. Wear and tear affect kitchens fairly quickly, but repairs can transform the look of your appliances again.   We can perform flawless repairs on laminate, gloss, melamine, wood and even gloss or painted surfaces. Our finishes repair everything from chips to scratches, stains and burns.   So if your cupboard doors or cupboards are letting the rest of your kitchen down, look no further – just complete the inquiry form and we’ll get back to you with a no-obligation quote.   Our door and drawer repairs include   Kitchen cabinet chip and scratch repair   Kitchen door chip and scratch repair   Kitchen door and cabinet stain repair   Kitchen cabinet frame repair kitchen Repair of dents/pressure marks on kitchen doors   Repair of joinery cracks.

We provide cupboard & drawer service in chennai.

Let Utilities Integrated Choice helps to solve your solution to fix damaged or discontinued furniture handles. We have been repairing broken furniture drawers and door pulls, We have completed restorations on most name brand hardware.

Get a Cupboard and Drawer Repair Service in Chennai.

When you’re trying to find a drawer repairer, you can count on drawer repair professionals to connect you with drawer repair companies in your area who can meet your needs, no matter the type the drawer repair.

Let us handle all of your drawer repair needs.

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