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Generally speaking, even if your AC is in a good condition, you must check it once a year, to ensure they are clean and in good working condition.

The cost of AC Installation in Chennai depends on agencies; some even cost thousands of amounts. But with us, you can get fast and reliable services in user-friendly amounts.

We have a team of professionals who can do the best AC service in Chennai, also they have high-quality technical skills with a first-rate experience

About Best AC Service in Chennai:

Having the hot weather in Chennai made the presence of AC as necessary, also the compact houses with narrow windows, especially in the summertime. But some people find them as rich in maintenance, so you have to make sure they are in good shape through regular keep up. To give it proper care you might understand the common problem they might face. So that you can get the best ac service in Chennai when you are in the need of them, and the common problem they face are listed here below.

Some Common Problem in AC

1. AC is not turning On: When you have a faulty motor, loose wiring, your circuit breaker tripped, or as simple as your battery got dead, your AC refuses to turn on.

  • Solutions: You can change the battery and check out the circuit breaker. Also if you don’t wanna perform the wiring service yourself, you can contact a professional who provides the best ac service in Chennai along with that who also offers to repair and maintain service too.

2. No Cool Air Flowing: When a dirty air filter blocks the airflow or the blower belt is worn out your AC refuses to give you cool air, even the air that comes out from the AC might not be cool. Also having a tripped circuit breaker leads you to this problem.

  •  Solutions: You can choose to hire an AC mechanic in Chennai from a trustworthy and repudiated company, who can prevent this issue by having s regular system tune-up.

3. Water Leaking: Water Leaking is normal when the unit is running. But if the water leaks by having degraded lines and pipes, blocked drain pipes, low refrigerant levels, it can cause a serious problem.

  • Solution:  These low refrigerant levels can harm the compressor. So, better hire a professional, who can provide you AC service in Chennai , also someone who can do that immediately.

4. Condenser coil Freezing: Blocked vents and ducts, dirty filters, or faulty fans cause such problems. So when you notice a coil freezing, it just defines your AC is working too hard for your home to use.

  •  Solution: You can prevent problems like dirty filters by providing the proper maintenance to your AC. When it comes to other parts, let the professionals check the fan and ducts and find the solution for the problem. 

5. Hearing Weird Noises: There are varieties of reasons for your AC to make weird sounds like strange vibrations or grinding noise. The problem may reside in refrigerant leaks or a malfunctioning compressor.

  •  Solution: Rather than trying to do work, which is unfamiliar to you by yourself, it’s better to call for a professional, who can help you in this.

6. AC Running Constantly: This is the common problem your AC might face. When you have a problem with a thermostat, compressor or air filter it leads to this problem.

  • Solution:  You need to shut off the thermostat fan to stop the constant run of your AC. If it’s not efficient, you can contact the technician to pinpoint the exact problem and provide the solution for that.

7.Strange smell coming:  Mostly when the air filters are clogged, your AC starts to overheat,  it leads to burning smells.  When your AC faces a problem in drainage, it also leads to strange and improper smiles.

  • Solution:  Replacing the air filters helps in burning smells. As for drainage problems, you need maintenance, so, try to call for AC  maintenance service who can prevent these smells.        

Why Book Our AC services :

If you are looking for the best AC service in Chennai, You can count on us. Our technicians have first-rate experience and went through relevant tests to become a professional. Also when there are any accidental damages, we are ready to take responsibility, so we’ll offer insurance. You can also expect a free service from us if you find dissatisfaction with our services within 30 days from your first service.

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Good all round service

Rated 4 out of 5

Satisfied with the repair that they had worked on the Air Conditioner and now it is completely working fine.

Gnana Sekar

AC service

Rated 5 out of 5

I was very happy with the service. The one surprise I experienced was that the unit arrived earlier than expected, which was a benefit. The technicians were skilled and polite.


AC Installation

Rated 5 out of 5

Extremely professional from the initial quote, survey, and installation, very efficient. The staffs who did the work did it professionally. I recommend them highly enough.


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