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Bathroom Accessories Fittings

We have the following Bath Fitting services, our experts were best in Bath fittings Installation and service in Chennai.

  • Tap installation and repair 
  •  Broken tube 
  •  Bathroom toilet 
  •  Bathroom mounting loss 
  •  Kitchen sink 
  •  Repair of water tanks / installation



Most producers suggest ‘heat soapy water’, then rinse with smooth water and dry with a tender cloth’. Beware of a number of the greater competitive cleaners offered in supermarkets, as they could harm the chrome end on faucets and fittings, and may erode an aluminium bathe enclosure body very quickly.


About Bath Fitting Installation and Service in Chennai:

Plumbing has a vital role in every home constructed and it has two paths; one is for freshwater systems and another is for the sewage system. When this system causes any damage that ends in leakage, odour, and overflow. Sometimes this system needs a repair or replacement and a well-versed plumber is needed to fix it, but where do you get the plumber??? Chill, Utilities Integrated experts is here to help you to solve all kind of problems. Yes, Utilities Integrated experts plumbers are highly trained and experienced in dealing with all Bath Fitting problems.

Once the booking is made on the Utilities Integrated expert’s website, you can be relaxed because our expert will reach out soon and fix the problem, once the booking is confirmed. Quality of services is maintained throughout the process. Our experts were best in Bath fittings Installation and service in Chennai.

Service offered in bath fitting:

  • Bath fitting installation
  • Shower installation- ceiling mounted
  • Shower installation- wall-mounted or handheld
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