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Automatic water level controllers turn on the motor when the water level falls below a predetermined level and turn it off when the water level rises significantly above that level.

Water conducts electricity, which is the basis for the water level controller’s operation. The sensing probes and circuits of the controller track changes in water level as they occur. Depending on the situation, these signals are used to turn the pump motor ON or OFF.

Electric substations, manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, and other liquid storage systems all make use of the water level indicator circuits. This straightforward system has a wide range of potential applications, some of which include leak detection, rainfall detection, and monitoring a sump pit (to regulate pump activation).

About Automatic Water Level Controller Service in Chennai

An automatic Water Level controller is designed to automatic control the motor, which ensures a constant reserve of water in storage tanks. An automatic water level controller is used to automatically fill the overhead tank as and when it gets empty and monitors the water level. The automatic water level controller switches ON the motor when the water level in the overhead tank drops below the prefixed low level (on point) and puts off the motor when the water level rises up to the prefixed high level (off point) motor also switches off when the sump water is exhausted before filling overhead tank, pump running dry, Mains voltage fluctuations. 

Automatic Water Level Controller Installation Service in Chennai

Installing a water level monitor is a great way to ensure adequate water remains in reservoirs above or below ground. It gives you the freedom to manually turn on and off the pump motor on a daily basis. With a water level controller built into your water tank, you can ensure that the motor shuts down when the tank is full, avoiding water waste. In addition, it also improves the durability of the machine by shutting down the machine before it runs dry. This automatic cutting feature saves you time and effort that would otherwise cost you an investment in fact-checking. These devices are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Once installed, they work automatically. The best part is that you can install them at any time to ensure a 24/7 water supply. Order services online from the Utilities Integrated mobile app or website for automatic water level controller installation service in Chennai at your doorstep at affordable prices.


We provide the best automatic water level controller service in Chennai and repair for all brands. We most of the appliances need regular maintenance and repair at regular intervals, sometimes because of some kind of internal breakdown or any other kind of reason. The simple solution for this kind of problem is to take care of the appliances by providing them with regular service.

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